Why Millennials Aren’t Leaving the Church: A Benedict Option Plea

The truth, however, is that we stay because we believe in what the Church is, despite her imperfections, and don’t want to see her try and doll herself up for those who have already abandoned her. We believe that the Church is God’s means for our salvation and have submitted ourselves to being formed by her. Of course, the Church, being full of sinful humans, doesn’t do a perfect job in her mission, but to assume that millennials who have left know better what she should be than those who have chosen to be formed by the Church is entirely backward.

Census Fidelium?

Those who say that only the responses of those who are faithful in Mass attendance should “count” are clearly not attacking the survey, but making an analysis of the results of the survey. The Catholic faith is not merely a label, it is a way of life, just as surely as being Jewish or Muslim is in its fullest sense more than mere ethnicity. Baptism makes you really Catholic, but that doesn’t mean every baptized Catholic’s understanding of the faith is equally valid. 

American Jesus(es)

This past week, the first season of American Gods came to an end. The show is an adaption of one of my favorite novels, so I came to it with both anticipation and trepidation. The show turned out to be a visually remarkable series and one of the most unique things on television. As an…

Sacraments are Signs

“The sacraments are efficacious signs of grace” – Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1131 “Then God said: Let there be light, and there was light.” (Genesis 1:3) Ever since the Protestant Reformation (and occasionally before it), the debate has raged as to whether sacraments are mere signs. Does baptism effect something in our salvation, or…