john-henry-newman.jpg!LargeThis blog was started to tell my story of conversion and to give an account of the Roman Catholic faith. It is in some sense a work of apologetics, but the goal is not to win arguments but simply to help people better understand the content of the Catholic faith (and to grow in my own understanding of it in the process!) Along the way, this blog will inevitably grow to encompass a wider range of theological topics that catch my interest, particularly those related to philosophy, theological ethics, and the Church Fathers.

The title of this blog is based on the seminal work of St. John Henry Newman, Apologia Pro Vita Sua (“A Defense of His Life”), in which he defended his life and conversion to Roman Catholicism. In titling this blog Apologia Pro Fide Sua (“A Defense of His Faith”), I hope to honor Cardinal Newman, who is in so many ways a forebear of my faith, and whose conversion brought many more trials to him than mine will.

About Me
I was born in to missionary parents inkevinface Kenya and lived there for nearly four years. After returning to the states I moved to California, where I remained through to the end of college. I graduated from UCLA with a BA in Philosophy and then pursued an MA in
Theological Studies at Regent College in Vancouver, BC. While there, I wrote a thesis on St. Maximus the Confessor. I currently live in Vancouver, WA with my wife and work at a local Catholic parish.

Kevin G.
Vancouver, WA